Rupi Kaur's Writing Prompt's for Self-Love

Rupi Kaur's Writing Prompts Self-Love card deck is a step in the road towards healing. Rupi Kaur leads you on a new journey through 70 curated writing prompts of self-discovery. Let this card deck become a part of your daily ritual to inspire creativity, appreciation, honesty and growth. Examples of the prompts include: <ul><li> What makes you a good friend? 

If you were to meet your teenage self today, what would you want to reassure them about? How is the 2:00 p.m. version of you different from the 2:00 a.m. version of you? What about you leaves you in awe? We hope it becomes a tool for you to continue to discover more about your inner and outer worlds. Use it as a reminder that you are more than capable of creating a loving home for yourself, because you have all you'll ever need within you.